Purrcy, Sir Purrsalot, Skeeball, & Bean

What's black, & black, & black ,& black?  The answer is this band of brothers!

These four guys are almost identical in appearance, personality, not so much.  We would love to adopt these guys our in 2s.

Sir Purrsalot is, well, always purring. He is a happy and cuddly guy, so you need room on your lap, and your laptop (jk he will get down if you ask him to).  We can easily distinguish Sir Pursralot by his Purrsonality.

Purrcy, same, always purring, he is not as in your face about it all the time, but he is ready for a cuddle when you are. He also loves to play and a good catnap is always in his near future.

Skeeball is happy to be picked up and loved, but he needs some sweet talk, and you will earn that purr, but it doesn't cost much.

Bean, well there is one in every family. Bean needs to be approached slowly with a treat, it is the distraction he needs, and then he is ok..but he is just not as trusting yet.  The guy is only 11 weeks old and lived the first 8 without a lot of human contact, so all things considered, he is doing great. You will just need a little time and patience with Bean.

The boys are 11 weeks old, long legs, VERY playful, they love to chase balls and run through the house with little stuffed mice. The love to wrestle and chase eachother too.

So, do you want a couple of amazing black cats? These boys are ready for their forever homes. Please fill out the form below!


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