Our Pets

Pop Tart

If you're looking for a lovable, low-key companion, Poptorti is your boy! He loves to play with toys, even by himself. He's a little shy, but getting better every day!

His Story



Catniss is a little love, not shy, but generally quiet, likes to play alone and with a friend, but possibly ok as an only cat in home.  She is about 11/12 weeks old. And look at those eyes!

Her Story

Lil' Black

I am Lil' Black and don't call me the runt of the litter, even though I was.  I am shy but DEFINITELY getting better about that, you can pick me up and cuddle.  I am best friends with Poptorti, he is small like me. I am quiet, but I like to play, and I never miss the litter box. I like to sleep with one of my furriends in a comfy cat house, NO crates for me, I love my freedom! 

His Story

Big Boy

This distinguished gentleman is in his golden years. His loving owner has passed on, and sadly, no family member can take him. He is so low maintainance, even though he is completely deaf and has a head tilt, both most likely from an untreated ear infection.  We call him Big Boy, and we hope there is a family who will give this guy a happy home to spend his older years:)
His Story

Gemma & Abilene

These two pretty girls came in to Faith Haven together after sadly living their first 6 months in a green tupperware bucket.  With no human contact, they were completely feral (vetted, but feral).. They have now been at Faith Haven for more than a year, and we can walk past them without them running, but have yet to be able to hold or handle. We DO get lots of slow blinks though.
Their Story


This guy needed a strong name.  Goliath is a  little lover who will sit on your lap all day, all purrs. You cannot see that he is missing 1/2 of his back right leg, and will most likely need the 2nd half amputated.  Goliath gets around just fine and this crappy start to life has not dampened his spirits. He plays, purrs, frequents the water fountain and is a litter box pro.  
His Story