Pop Torti

Poptorti is a little tortoise shell. one from a litter of six, born in a barn in Sussex County, and delivered to Faith Haven.

Poptorti is approximately 8 weeks old as of July 27th.  He is a bit of a shy boy, but has come a long way, and now allows pets and pick ups.  He is doing will in foster care, lives among many other adoptable cats & kittens, he is a litter box pro and uses his scratcher. Poptorti spends a bit more time sleeping than others, is not a maniac but likes to play. He has a bestie he came in with (little black, we think a sibling) and we hope to keep them together in a loving home.

Poptorti needs a home that will spend lots of time with him to help him reach his full snuggle potential.

He loves his electronic butterfly and his mousey.

Primary Color: Black
Weight: 3lbs
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STATUS: available for adoption