Gemma & Abilene

These two pretty girls came in to Faith Haven together after sadly living their first 6 months in a green tupperware bucket.  With no human contact, they were completely feral (vetted, but feral).. They have now been at Faith Haven for more than a year, and we can walk past them without them running, but have yet to be able to hold or handle. We DO get lots of slow blinks though.
Gemma and Abilene must stay together, and are for a special home that is ok with caring and loving from afar. Never say never, and with the right love, interaction and time, these girls will come around (Abilene will sometimes sleep at the foot of my bed).  They are a bit bullied here by the other girls, they wear their insecurities on their sleeves, so it would be so wonderful if they had a home where they did not always feel the need to hide.
We love these girls and home someone is up for the challenge.

STATUS: Looking for a Home!