When life gives you Lemon..consider yourself LUCKY!

Lemon's a handsome boy with a fantastic personality. He is loving and trusting, will crawl up on your lap and just you try to get him to leave. He is a purring machine and good with other cats, has not been dog tested but if we were to assume, we'd say he loves everyone.

Lemon is approximately 12 weeks old and unaltered. He is a playful guy, and although he gets along with everyone, we'd love to see Lemon adopted with one of his four brothers, aka sparring/wrestling partners.

Lemon is good to go, no issues, uses the litter box, uses the scratchers. Lemon and his brothers all love the cat trees, and you can find as many as four of them piled like pancakes on the top tier.

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STATUS: Looking for a Home!